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Our technology offering is tailor made to brands, hotels and travelers. The B2B platform connects brand with selected hotels that represent their industry, like fitness, wellness, amenities, wine, whisky, pet-friendly, families with small toddlers etc.


Proprietary booking engine

Add and implement proprietary booking to existing online presence (white-label). The cloud based software capability is of customer demand and retail origin, driving online presence and new marketing opportunity. Simple integration with multiple brand profiles (travel, pet-friendly, vineyards, fitness etc.)

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Customer demand profiling

Hotels and brands integrate through curation, products and services aligning with the brand. Opportunities to strengthen brand loyalty and experience (Incremental touch points to the client)
The Joonze white label travel platform includes acquisition tools enabling new customer acquisition



Proprietary dynamic pricing

A simple methodology and software offering proprietary dynamic pricing capability reducing reliance on other sales channels and driving relations with high value travelers.

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Data analytics

Data driven augmentation of revenue capture by introducing and adding experiences (product/service) in booking flow. Data visualization and reporting driving strategic steps and decision for increased brand loyalty.

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